THUR MAY 30 / BookBook Club: How to Cook a Wolf by MFK Fisher

THUR MAY 30 / BookBook Club: How to Cook a Wolf by MFK Fisher

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 7p to 8:15p ish 

Every six-ish weeks we read a new memoir, a collection of essays, novel, or anything else we find interesting that somehow, in a big or small way, relates to food. Then we discuss.

Read through How to Cook a Wolf in April + May and join us IN PERSON on MAY 30! 

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About the book:

First published in 1942 when wartime shortages were at their worst, the ever-popular How to Cook a Wolf, continues to surmount the unavoidable problem of cooking within a budget. Here is a wealth of practical and delicious ways to keep the wolf from the door.

Written to inspire courage in those daunted by wartimes shortages, How to Cook a Wolf continues to rally cooks during times of plenty, reminding them that providing sustenance requires more than putting food on the table. M. F. K. Fisher knew that the last thing hungry people needed were hints on cutting back and making do. Instead, she gives her readers license to dream, to experiment, to construct adventurous and delicious meals as a bulwark against a dreary, meager present. Her fine prose provides reason in itself to draw our chairs close to the hearth; we can still enjoy her company and her exhortations to celebrate life by eating well.


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