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Grow your own Smallhold Mushrooms!
Grow your own Smallhold Mushrooms!

Grow your own Smallhold Mushrooms!

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It's really easy to grow your own mushrooms, especially with these nifty af Smallhold Mushroom Blocks! The yield varies but can provide up to 5 lbs of mushrooms. 




1. Use a sharp, clean knife to cut an "X" on the front and back of your block. For Blue Oyster blocks, each "X" should be 2" x 2" and for Lion's Mane, each "X" should be 1" x 1". Then, use a rubber band to make a ponytail with the excess plastic at the top of the bag. The goal is to get the plastic nice and tight against the block.

2. Place your block somewhere room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and with good airflow.

3. Use a spray bottle filled with water to mist your block in and around the "X" cuts 2-3x per day until little mushroom pins start to form.

4. Once the pins (little mushroomlings) start to form, don't spray them directly. Continue to mist around them 2-3x per day.

5. When they look ready to harvest (around 7-9 days) gently pull and twist the base of the mushrooms until they pop off.

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