SUN NOV 19 / Cookbook Club presents A FOOD of SICILY POTLUCK with Fabrizia Lanza herself Zooming in!

SUN NOV 19 / Cookbook Club presents A FOOD of SICILY POTLUCK with Fabrizia Lanza herself Zooming in!

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Join us on a Sunday noon at the shop for a celebratory potluck and Q + A with the Sicilian national treasure herself, Fabrizia Lanza of the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School

IT IS SIMPLE: Cook your way through The Food of Sicily by Fabrizia Lanza and drop by with a dish on SUNDAY NOV 19th! All are welcome! It's a potluck party! It's mad civilized! Potlucks with all of you give us a dose of hope for the universe! 

Expect a short moderated conversation with owner Paige Lipari, an open Q + A with Fabrizia who will be Zooming in from Sicily, and a yummy Sicilian potluck (provided by all of you!) We will make some traditional dishes, too. Beverages for sale. 


About the book:

In this all-new cookbook from Fabrizia Lanza, one of the world’s greatest food cultures is distilled in 75 recipes for the home cook, plus a loving tribute to its ingredients, passions, influences, and history
Tucked away on an estate in the countryside south of Palermo is the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School, a unique center dedicated to preserving and sharing the great food culture of Sicily. The spirit of the school, now run by Fabrizia Lanza, the founder’s daughter and scion of a renowned family of winemakers that goes back generations, is what makes Lanza’s The Food of Sicily such a singular cookbook—not just a collection of recipes and techniques, but a vibrant and beautifully photographed profile of the land, the people, the history, and so much more.
            On every page, in every recipe and note, the author captures the distinct taste of Sicily. How the simplest antipasti, brightly seasoned with nothing but lemon or vinegar, open the appetite—like a classic Octopus Salad or dish of Sautéed Black Olives. The little fried somethings—like an arancine or panelle—are easy, welcome, and nourishing. The Fresh Cavatelli, Pasta with Eggplant and Tomatoes, Bucatini with Sardines and Wild Fennel, and the eye-opening Anelletti Timballo explain why Sicilians are the biggest pasta eaters in the world. Festive meat dishes—such as Lamb-Stuffed Pastry, an Easter staple, or Grilled Sausage with Bay Leaves and Onions—are festive because the moment it’s holiday time, Sicilians everywhere head outside and fire up their grills. And for a people known for their passion for sweets, some famous Sicilian treats—Watermelon Pudding, Lemon Granita, Rolled Fig Cookies, and the pinnacle of desserts, the elaborate Sicilian Cake with Ricotta Cream and Marzipan. Along the way, the author delves into everything from cheese, couscous, and olives to Amaro and the importance of bitterness.
            Visitors to Sicily often sense it to be a place unlike anywhere else—lost in time and a little bit secretive. The Food of Sicily opens a bright window on it, celebrating this wonderful food culture while honoring everything that makes it special. 



FABRIZIA LANZA   ◤  grew up as part of a renowned Sicilian winemaking family, which meant immersion into the food and wine worlds from birth. She studied in France and northern Italy and worked as an art curator in the museum world for 25 years. In 2006, Fabrizia returned to Sicily to help run her mother Anna Tasca Lanza’s cooking school, where she continues to build on her mother’s legacy. Fabrizia is the author of several books in both English and Italian, including Olive, A Global History, Coming Home to Sicily, and Tenerumi. She has also produced two short documentaries Amuri: The Sacred Flavors of Sicily and Amaro. You can find her on Instagram @fabrizialanza and @annatascalanza and read more at


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