Diners: Revised Updated by John Baeder

Diners: Revised Updated by John Baeder

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Included here are paintings and descriptions of more than 100 diners from every part of the United States. The artist's own captions introduce each diner - many of which no longer exist - and describe their food specialties, their sometimes quirky histories, and their owners, managers, or patrons. In the first edition 50 paintings were reproduced in color; for this new, revised, and updated edition, there are 69 in color. The artist has selected forty recent paintings to replace earlier works, most of which were shown only in black and white.

New reminiscences, new anecdotes, and new facts accompany the paintings. Written by Baeder in his inimitable, conversational style, these brief texts tell the reader much about diner history, fashions in food and popular architecture, and about the amiable, slightly nutty man who pursues diners obsessively, yet views them with a perception that rivals that of a connoisseur of haute cuisine.