Mushrooms in the Middle: A Smallhold Cookbook

Mushrooms in the Middle: A Smallhold Cookbook

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This small cookbook is filled with mushroom recipes from a few of our friends to tickle your creativity, fill your belly, and help bring mushrooms to the middle of your plate.

Each contributor has their own unique connection to fungi—be it through art, culinary exploration, or the spiritual. Our cookbook is a collection of ten recipes from our chef friends and mushroom community. Think warming Royal Trumpet Chorizo Hash from Chef Tara Thomas, crispy Creamy Mushroom Phyllo Pie from Christina Chaey, zippy Mushroom Bulaklak from Woldy Reyes, and frozen Salted Caramel Shiitake Mousse (!) from Natasha Pickowicz. There’s even a Mushroom Bloody Mary by editor Aliza Abarbanel that is nothing short of a revelation. 

We’re proud to donate net proceeds from every copy sold to the Fungi Foundation, the world’s first NGO dedicated to fungi conservation and education. The cookbook features an essay and recipe from Fungi Foundation founder and first female mycologist of non-lichenized fungi in Chile, Giuliana Furci. 

We hope these recipes will inspire you to cook with mushrooms in new ways, and maybe even share the fungi feast with your community. As many mushroom enthusiasts would tell you, people spread information in a way that conspicuously mimics the growth of a mycelial network.