Happy All the Time by Laurie Colwin

Happy All the Time by Laurie Colwin

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This sparkling novel about how four sane, intelligent, and good-hearted people manage to find love in spite of themselves abounds in good lines, aphorisms, advice to both the loved and the lovelorn ("The New York Times"). A modern classic first published in 1978 that is as much a sophisticated romantic comedy about the love between two partners as it is a novel about the powerful bonds shared by family members, friends, colleagues and confidants.

"A comedy of manners that reminds us that manners are comic and should be enjoyed as such." --The New York Times

Guido and Vincent, best friends (and third cousins), aren't expecting to fall head-over-heels in love, but that is exactly what happens. Guido is smitten with Holly, a dazzling young woman who chafes at the idea of complacency, while Vincent falls for Misty, a work colleague with an acerbic sense of humor who seems as uninterested in romance as she is in Vincent (at first). In the months that follow, both couples will experience the rituals of courtship, jealousy, estrangement, family entanglements, and other perils of the heart as they try to find love in spite of themselves.

Colwin is a master of portraying the messiness of life: here, in hilarious and endearing prose, she follows these two improbable pairs, and their families, as they navigate and ultimately find happiness together--not all the time, but for most of it.

With a foreword by Katherine Heiny.