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for JULY 29

Would you like to eat things that are not nonsense?

It is simple: secure a curated mystery assortment of absolutely delicious and exquisite foods and restore a little faith in the universe.

You can always expect everything to be of the highest order with quality ingredients that are mostly from Italy, made with the utmost discernment, and, as much as possible, values of sustainability.

Speciality items will vary, but we will always include a new harvest olive oil (as we are olive oil freaks.) You will very likely also receive: a tinned fishy, a fun pasta shape, a delightful sweet, a funky vinegar, and so many culinary treasures in between.  

You don't have to commit to a subscription. We don't love those -- they aren't realistic, etc! Grab one whenever you desire a culinary spark of inspiration in your life. Whenever you are in town. Whenever you have someone special coming over. Whenever you have a lot of birthday's to go to that month. Whenever it works for you! 

There are three options that range from $99 to $189:

BELLY 1: Receive 5 items (Olive oil, likely a pasta, a tinned fish, a vinegar, a sweet condiment, and the like)

BELLY 2: Receive 9 items, plus an original RECIPE from Archestratus owner/chef/weirdo Paige Lipari.

BELLY 3: Receive 9 items, plus an original RECIPE from Archestratus owner/chef/weirdo Paige Lipari, AND a shiny new cookbook from our list of favs of all time. 

All tiers can be made Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Vegetarian (including the cookbooks!) Don't hesitate to use the 'notes' section in the cart if you have any special requests.

As far as pricing goes, expect them to reflect about 20% off each item if you were to purchase them outside of this bundle. SO, if you are at the $99 tier, items would usually amount to around $125. Does this make sense? 

Pick up your items at the shop, have them hand delivered, or have them shipped out on April 21st. All those options happen at checkout. 

We are THRILLED to curate this. We really hope it resonates and makes sense and hope you can feel the love springing forth from our belly into your belly. Apologies for that image. Okie, see you at the shop!