Ceremonial Grade Matcha Masha Tea
Ceremonial Grade Matcha Masha Tea

Ceremonial Grade Matcha Masha Tea

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We love these teas and love this tea maker and mind, Maria. A local Greenpointer, too!


Founded in Brooklyn by naturopath, Dr. Maria Geyman ND, Masha Tea brings the healing and regenerative powers of natural teas to discerning drinkers. Designed with flavor, sustainability, and beauty in mind, Masha Teas are assembled by hand in small batches and made with love.

In sourcing the most gorgeous of teas and herbs, we consider terroir, ethical farming practices, and traditional herbalism. Each bag is compostable (remove the sticker in the back and the tin tie and then compost these bags after use) and hand-stamped with vegetable ink with stamps made in the East Village.

About the matcha
Ceremonial grade, freshly stone-milled, single origin, single cultivar (okumidori), farm to cup, 1st harvest, from Wazuko, Kyoto (certified JAS organic)

flavors : very green, umami, fresh

preparation :

sift 2g matcha (1 teaspoon) 
use 176ºF water 
2-2.5 oz of water
whisk till frothy