Campari and Cinema by Gianni Canova

Campari and Cinema by Gianni Canova

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An illustrated history of Campari’s hands-on patronage of the film industry

This volume examines the longstanding and fruitful relationship between Campari and the film industry. Tracing Campari’s long history as an enthusiastic and involved patron of cinema, the book details how the company’s support has served as the impetus for countless experimental and groundbreaking film projects. From Campari’s 1984 TV commercial directed by legendary director Fredrico Fellini to its most recent collaboration with Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino and Hollywood actor Clive Owen on the Red Diariesseries―an ongoing campaign of short films illustrating that “every cocktail tells a story”―Campari’s forays into the world of film are always ambitiously crafted and masterfully realized. A perfect alchemy of passion and imagination, Campari and Cinema offers a sweeping panorama of film history and demonstrates how cinematic creativity goes hand in hand with the innovation of Campari.