Seed + Mill Organic Tahini Sauce

Seed + Mill Organic Tahini Sauce

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Premium, Organic Sesame Seeds - Seed and Mill’s Organic Tahini has our original organic tahini made from hulled and roasted organic Ethiopian sesame seeds. It has an earthy flavor, a creamy texture, and is a perfect dairy and nut free product.

Nutritious - As well as being delicious and versatile, tahini is a very nutritious plant based protein. It has been a staple ingredient in the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years!

Versatile For Any Sweet or Savory Dish - Our organic tahini and organic za'atar tahini, also known as a sesame paste, sesame butter or sesame spread, is a perfect gift for those who enjoy a taste of a staple in every restaurants and home kitchen in the Middle East being versatile for every meal of the day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or desserts being cooked, baked or eaten by the spoonful

Perfectly Delicious and Creamy - Seed & Mill’s Organic Tahini is a base ingredient in hummus, halva, and baba ghanoush; used as a spread, dip, condiment for toast, pita bread, meats, vegetables or organic produce, and can be added to dips, salad dressings, brownies and cake to make it vegan as a substitute for butter adding a rich, creamy nutty taste

As Featured in the NYTimes, Bon Appetit, The Today Show, & Oprah Magazine - Seed + Mill is a women owned business founded in New York, hoping to create joyful moments when tasting our artisanal halva and high quality tahini. Our store front is located in New York's Chelsea Market and became the first store in the US dedicated to sesame products!