Delicious Dishes For You And Your Dog by Lisa Goddard

Delicious Dishes For You And Your Dog by Lisa Goddard

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Delicious Dishes for You and Your Dog brings you over 40 recipes carefully crafted to omit dog-toxic ingredients while maximizing flavor to satisfy all your taste buds. 

Shake up mealtime by making something special for the whole family - including your canine loved ones! 

Lisa Goddard, along with the help of her dog, has optimized indulgent brunch treats, exciting appetizers, modern comfort foods, and more, so you can whip up fresh homemade favorites and share them with a furry friend. 

There is an amazing recipe for everyone, whether you and your dog are meat eaters, vegetarians, or following a gluten-free or low-sodium diet, plus a helpful section of tips for grocery shopping and cooking for furry family members. Whether you serve up the Apple Pork Chops, Taco Toasties, Coconut Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Baked Bean Stew, or anything else from this cookbook, both you and your canine will be howling with joy and drooling for more!