Danny Loves Pasta by Danny Freeman

Danny Loves Pasta by Danny Freeman

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Master the art of pretty—and delicious—pasta!

Danny Freeman 
loves pasta. In Danny Loves Pasta, he teaches you how to make your own colorful and creative fresh pasta, unlike anything you can find at the store.

With no special equipment needed, you can take simple ingredients like flour, eggs, beets, and spinach, and turn them into vibrant works of delicious pasta art in every color of the rainbow. This book features:

  • 8 easy dough recipes (vegan and gluten-free options included)
  • 17 ways to add color (with all-natural ingredients!)
  • 14 foundations for pattern making, from Tie-Dye to Spirals
  • 14 traditional pasta shapes, from Tagliatelle to Farfalle
  • 17 new pasta shapes, from Candy to Rose Ravioli
  • 25 fun fillings and sauces, from Spinach-Ricotta Filling to Pizza Pasta

Choose your dough, pattern, shape, and filling, then pair your creations with the perfect sauce for a delicious meal any day of the week. The 
pastabilities are endless!