Hey There, Dumpling! by Kenny Lao and Genevieve Ko

Hey There, Dumpling! by Kenny Lao and Genevieve Ko

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Kenny Lao has been making dumplings for 30 years-in homes, food trucks, and restaurants across America. He has made dumplings at large family parties, in professional kitchens with Michelin-star chefs, and even with rap mogul P. Diddy. In his first cookbook, Lao reveals how to make the perfect dumpling and host amazing dumpling parties.


Hey There, Dumpling! features 100 recipes covering classic Asian and modern flavors, including Pork and Napa Cabbage and Spicy BBQ-Glazed Beef dumplings, mix-and-match tangy dips, crispy salads, delicious noodles, and festive drinks. With 50 color photographs, graphic step-by-step tutorials, and Laos accessible approach to the kitchen, youll be inspired to make dumplings a regular for weeknight meals and a star at your next dinner party.