Hidden Kitchens  Stories  Recipes  and More from NPR s The Kitchen Sisters by Nikki Silva + Davia Nelson

Hidden Kitchens Stories Recipes and More from NPR s The Kitchen Sisters by Nikki Silva + Davia Nelson

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'The Kitchen Sisters off-beat kitchen stories make me want to walk through my neighborhood, go on a road trip and eat the food of family - they have heart.' Francis Ford Coppola Hidden Kitchens, the popular and highly acclaimed radio series on NPRs Morning Edition, is the inspiration for a new book by the Peabody Award-winning producers, The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson Nikki Silva. Hidden Kitchens explores the world of street corner cooking, legendary meals, kitchen rituals, and visionaries - how communities come together through food. When the Hidden Kitchens project began, The Kitchen Sisters and co-producer Jay Allison, opened up a NPR Hotline and asked listeners, 'What food traditions are disappearing from your life?' 'Who glues your community together through food?' Hundreds of listeners called to share their stories, tips and rituals. Hidden Kitchens: Stories Recipes and More' interweaves stories and characters from the radio series, with phone messages from listeners and a wealth of new material from the enormous archive of interviews, photographs, and recipes gathered for the series. There are stories about a midnight cabyard kitchen on the streets of San Francisco, makeshift kitchens crammed in the racing pits of NASCAR, a secret civil rights kitchen tucked away in a house in Montgomery, and the most unexpected hidden kitchen of all, The George Foreman Grill. The reader gets a peek inside the world of secret, little known, private kitchens, where traditions are carried on and communities are tended and fed a' from the freighter galleys of the Great Lakes, to fire pits in Kentucky, to a fennel patch in San Francisco. Hidden Kitchens is a sometimespoignant, sometimes wild chronicle of American life and how family and community traditions are passed along through food.