Italian Magic: Secret Lives of Women by Karyn Crisis

Italian Magic: Secret Lives of Women by Karyn Crisis

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Looking for the meaning behind your Italian grandma's rituals?

Curious about their source and wondering if there's more to the story?

Seeking magic beyond what the Romans wrote about in fragments?

Wondering why no one can seem to find the mythical witch cults?

This book will answer all these questions and reveal a groundbreaking view into the hidden world of rural Italy:

the ONLY pervasive holistic system of daily sacred magic indigenous to Italy and her islands, whose traditions existed in all rural communities regardless of cultural influences.

In these communities:

  • magic was the daily medicine - women were the sole operators of magic
  • people lived an entire way of life in accordance with the cycles of nature and the energetic laws of the universe.
  • the spirit world was as real as the earthly word
  • psychic language was spoken in parallels
  • shamanic inheritances received from spirits were handed down for generations between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.

This lifestyle, whose threads of connection go back to the domestic goddess temples of ancient Europe, began to die out in what Italians call the deculturalization of the 1950s. Here, midwives and healers took care of their families and communities.There were no hospitals nor medicine. Romans wrote about these traditions existing before them, and they live on in fragments among most Italian families.

This is the source of masculine conceptual magic that became popular in the middle period.

Astral travel, cord-cutting,

psychic illness and physical symptoms,

fertility trees,



birth and death rituals,

amulets and more can be found in these many pages,

keeping in mind that this collection is only a small glimpse into a much more detailed way of life.