Mishou Magazine-- The Food Issue

Mishou Magazine-- The Food Issue

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This issue is all about FOOD. Our friend quori theodor, an amazing artist and inventive chef, is Mishou’s very first Guest Editor! They invited an incredible group of chefs, artists, and food lovers to contribute to this issue. Inside you will discover recipes (piano cakes! onigiri friends! silly soup!), activities (how to make a bird feeder! flavor meditations! edible storytelling!), art & so much more!

Issue #5 features: Angela Dimayuga & Ashley Lukashevsky, Jen Monroe, Bread & Puppet Theater, Bobbi Salvör Menuez, CAConrad, Chioma Ebinama, & more artists ranging from age 5-88!

Mishou is an ALL AGES magazine, highlighting work by artists ages 15 and under, collaborations between generations, and interactive sections. Mishou aims to validate children's identities as individuals and artists, and encourage intergenerational engagement through the arts. 50% of each issue is donated to schools and non-profit organizations centered around early childhood arts education.