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Bacon! Smoking Goose Applewood Smoked Bacon

12 oz.


This bacon, tho. Bring it home, etc. 


Whole slabs of pasture-raised pork bellies are rubbed with a dry cure mixture of sea salt, brown sugar, maple sugar, then cured for days. Rather than using a fast-curing brine, which would make the bellies absorb water, the Smoking Goose prefers the more concentrated flavor of a dry cure. While it does take longer, a dry cure makes the bacon denser and keeps the flavor in the pork; not a watery brine. Plus, this means you get more bacon per slice, as the meat won't shrink up and lose water when cooking. Smoked over 100% applewood, this bacon is perfect for Sunday morning, a spinach salad, or seasoning slow-cooked meals.