Soupologie 5 A Day Soups by Anastasia Argent

Soupologie 5 A Day Soups by Anastasia Argent

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A collection of soups and one-pot meals that deliver 5 portions of fruit and vegetable.

With a selection of easy plant-based soup and one-pot recipes, Soupologie 5-a-day Soups let you deliciously get the daily recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, which have been proven to decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. The right combination of ingredients can also aid weight loss and cleansing, and boost immunities.

The first section explains what 5-a-day really means and includes a guide to what counts and what doesn't, as well as which fruits and vegetables give you large doses of sugar. Armed with this information, you can not only achieve your 5-a-day but aim for even more.

Recipes range from Pea & Watercress (which also includes onion, apple, spinach and garlic) to Tomato & Aubergine (containing onion, peppers, carrot and Basil). Each recipe makes a portion for one person but can easily be adapted for larger servings. They are low in calories, sugars, carbs and salt, and are dairy-and gluten-free as well. However, there are suggestions for adding dairy, fish and meat if you like

Recipes have all been qualified analyzed by nutritionist, so you can see the direct benefits. And there are also suggestions as to how to create your own 5-a-day recipes.