The Kids' Book of Fishing by Michael J. Rosen

The Kids' Book of Fishing by Michael J. Rosen

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Complete with hook, line, and sinker, The Kids' Book of Fishing is an initiation into the oldest unofficial club in the world.

Written with an emphasis on freshwater catch-and-release fishing, this fact-filled, illustrated book points out the best fishing holes and what to use for bait. Kids meet bluegills, crappies, perch, bass, and trout; learn about their habits and habitats; and discover if they feel pain (they don't). Then it's time to catch them. Beginning with the simplest hand-line method for jigging, 
The Kids' Book of Fishing establishes the basics: tying knots, judging water depth, choosing the right tackle and bait, attaching a bobber, and-most important of all-how to tell when a bite comes and what to do about it.

Packaged with each book are 30 feet of monofilament line, 3 sinkers, 3 hooks, 1 plummet weight, 1 snap-swivel, 1 red-and-white bobber, and a custom-made plastic tacklebox.

With its environmental tips, neat facts, projects and activities, 
The Kids' Book of Fishing is The Compleat Angler for kids.

Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club and the Rodale Book Club. 190,000 copies in print.