The Naked Chef An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Billie Young

The Naked Chef An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Billie Young

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An often overlooked classic that obviously influenced chef Jamie Oliver... Written by Penelope Ashe (AKA Billie Young) of "Naked Came the Stranger" fame. For those who forget, "Naked Came the Stranger" was the trashy 1969 novel pieced together from 24 submissions by Newsday columnist Mike McGrady. McGrady set out to publish a book that was intentionally horrible, but filled with lots of sex. His intention was to prove that American readership no longer recognized good writing and just cared about folks getting naked. He was right... The book (a hoax) was published and became a 1969 bestseller. Penelope Ashe (Billie Young) was represented as the author for meetings with publishers etc... In fact, Young was McGrady's sister-in-law. Ever the entreprenuer, she parlayed that "fake fame" into this genuinely fine cookbook.

Includes recipes that include: Adulteress Rice Pilaf, Erotic Viking Steamers, Spicy Casanova Shrimp, and Conjugal Clam Chowder among others.