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The People's Republic of China Cookbook by Nobuko Sakamoto

The People's Republic of China Cookbook by Nobuko Sakamoto

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Over two hundred authentic recipes from Mainland China. The author spent over a decade translating all the best recipes and adapting them to her American kitchen.

The recipes are arranged according to China's four major culinary regions: the North (Hopei, Shantung and Honan), the East (Kiangsu and Chekiang), the Southeast (Kwangtung), and the Southwest (Szech'aun and Hunan.) The unusual explicitness of the recipes makes possible the successful preparation of elaborate as well as simple dishes. There are special sections on equipment, techniques and ingredients, and the range of dishes goes far beyond what is familiar in this country. In fact, many dishes, such as the following, may be entirely new to the West: Buddha's Hand, Su Tsao Meatball Soup, Bright Moon Red Pine Chicken, Braised Duck Suchou Style, Steamed Meat Cake, Stuffed Eggplant with Hot Sweet and Sour Sauce, and Roast Suckling Pig Banquet. Special care was taken to be faithful to the original recipes so that now the American cook can re-create the very dishes prepared in the most famous restaurants of China.