The Plant-based Family Cookbook by Claire Swift and Sarah Biagetti

The Plant-based Family Cookbook by Claire Swift and Sarah Biagetti

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Join Claire Swift and Sarah Biagetti, moms and founders of Healthy Twists, as they teach you how to satisfy the entire family with tons of wholesome and nutritious vegan meals. Their innovative plant-based twists on family recipes will deliver flavorful meals to your table. With a wide variety of gluten-free and allergen-friendly recipes, this cookbook is guaranteed to cater to all the dietary needs of your family! Looking for a quick weekday meal? Whip together some Crispy Tofu Nuggets for the kids before heading off to soccer practice! Craving a sweet Sunday brunch? Try Claire and Sarah’s Apple Waffles, layered with berries and chocolate spread.

Save those precious weeknight hours and blow away your family with one of Claire and Sarah’s batch-cooked freezer recipes. From a hearty Cottage Pie with Cauliflower and Potato Mash to Smoky Black Bean-Loaded Fajitas, there’s no shortage of delicious mid-week meals. Enjoy weekend baking sessions with your kids creating any of the delicious cakes, bakes and desserts—from birthday showstoppers to easy snacks and tantalizing desserts.

Whether you’re looking to commit to a vegan lifestyle, introduce your kids to more plant-based meals or simply balance out your family’s diet, this cookbook contains all the inspiration you need for satisfying feel-good meals.