The World of Natural Wine by Aaron Ayscough

The World of Natural Wine by Aaron Ayscough

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The World of Natural Wine is the most comprehensive and definitive guide to the world of natural wine. This complete tome demystifies and explains this growing yet often misunderstood segment of the wine world.

Natural wine has nothing to hide. Made from grapes alone--organically farmed, then harvested, fermented, aged, and bottled without additives--it's wine that seeks to express, in every sip, its traditional and crucial link to nature. The World of Natural Wine is the book wine lovers need to navigate this movement--because it's about so much more than labels and vintages. Meet the obsessive, often outspoken, winemakers; learn about the regions of France where natural wine culture first appeared and continues to flourish today; and explore natural wine in Spain, Italy, Georgia, and beyond. And just as important: find out what must be "unlearned" to discover the eye-opening pleasures of drinking naturally.