Van Life Cookbook by Danny Jack and Hailee Kukura

Van Life Cookbook by Danny Jack and Hailee Kukura

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The Van Life Cookbook goes beyond a collection of recipes that can be made on a two-ring gas hob. It’s about an approach to cooking and eating that saves time and money, is good for the soul and makes the most of your immediate environment.

Chef Danny Jack and his wife Hailee Kukura have travelled around the UK and USA in their self-build campervan, rediscovering the simple pleasures of a life spent in the great outdoors. In this book they have captured their passions for adventure and good food and distilled them into over 80 campervan-friendly dishes, sharing their knowledge of foraging, cooking over open fires and making the most of what nature has to offer. In Van Life Cookbook, they share a way of cooking that is sustainable and seasonal and bring together delicious recipes that can be made on a budget. The ingredients can be foraged, bought from a farm shop on the road or even a corner shop or garage, meaning there’s a recipe for every kind of adventure.

Covering comforting breakfasts, quick-fix lunches and fireside feasts, as well as drinks, deserts, condiments and sides, this cookbook features delicious, accessible recipes to get you through the day (and your journey on the road). Think Tahini Porridge, Homemade Trail Mix, Turkish One-Pan Eggs, Winter Greens Minestrone, BBQ Fish Parcels, Date Night Tagliatelle and Flambéed Rum Bananas with Coconut Cream – all complete with top tricks, kitchen hacks and chef tips.

From campervans, to canal boats and cabins, this book is a celebration of the unexpected opportunities that modest spaces and smaller budgets can offer.