Washer and Dryer's Big Job by Steven Weinberg

Washer and Dryer's Big Job by Steven Weinberg

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Filled with fun facts, giggles galore, and googly eyes, the Big Jobs board books are the perfect introduction for babies and toddlers to the big world around them, starting at home!

With vibrant artwork and clever humor, this original board book series is a celebration of childhood curiosity and the most captivating topic of all--household appliances! In Washer & Dryer's Big Job, follow along as these amazing appliances show us how your dirty clothes get clean. 

From sudsing up your smelly socks, stained sweater, and pancake-covered pj’s, to getting them cozy and dry, Washer and Dryer have a big job to do—but so do you! Learn how it’s all done in this rollicking read-aloud that will delight parents and kids alike.